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Ive lost faith in any man ever being faithful! One woman for one man will ever be enough, and studies have proven it, it takes alot to keep the boys entertained.
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Is troubled, for she has been scorned and wronged by too many that she once loved. Doesn't know who to trust or believe anymore. I'm all out of trust for the time being. Just gonna count down the days and stick with what I got... Who knows there might be pretty explosions at the end... It'll leave me even more scorned then before but I'm used to it by now... I don't mind being a wreck for a bit, always a possibility something will save me.

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I Just dont know what to do anymore, My lifes a mess and it just seems to be getting messier. I keep praying to god that my life would just fall into place and there will be no more games cause im sick of playing. I thought that he answered them, but im right back into a big mess again and it seems to be even bigger this time around.
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My life feels like a routine right now, doing the same thing everyday. Go to work, go home, play on the comp, go to sleep, wake up, go to work, go home, play on the comp, go to sleep etc... been trying to mix it up bit.
Heather and her boyfriends family invited me to move to georgia with them in august, im thinking about going, and right now i think i will, i just dont know how to break it to my parents, they dont really know how to let go. I have nothing here holding me back.
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Im A Dork

Im getting married on ms, lol. Ive known this guy on there since feb, and he went M.I.A. so i gave up. Then he came back a couple weeks ago and proposed to me yesterday, Im such a dork.
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I have become addicted to a different game. Maplestory sucks compared to this. Fiesta...by outspark, its like WoW but free. its 5 am and i just stopped playing, i need to sleep, have to pick up heather in a few hrs. Nightnight...or morning idk.
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